Friday, April 9, 2010

My Kind of Marathon

One afternoon, two cinematic releases, a sushi interval.

Why bother being just plain old ‘fit’? Be Filmic Fit. With that spirit I attended Kick Ass and Date Night in one evening. I’m practically proud. Practically, then a little ashamed, and a touch defiant.

Kick Ass is freaking brilliant. My current frontrunner for Movie of the Year. I know it’s early, but it was the most fun I’ve had at the cinema in a while (and I can say ‘a while’, because I’ve lived for, like, 25 full years). And more importantly, it makes me want to be a foul-mouthed 11 year old super hero – you know it’s good if it makes you want to return to Year 7 (a horrifying vintage). It’s shocking, funny and ridiculous. Most importantly it’s not just another super hero parody, it just takes all the clichés, acknowledges them, then inverts them. However, if you don’t like gore then you need not apply.

Date Night was fun, and truly hilarious in parts. It occasionally coasts on the glorious talent of Tina Fey and Steve Carell (and it is glorious). There are certainly missed opportunities and it probably plays it a little too safe, but on the whole it’s a tightly crafted film with a clever car chase and a phenomenal pole dancing sequence. And a shirtless Mark Wahlberg. Also, I want to be Tina Fey.

So, I want to be a foul-mouthed 11 year old super hero version of Tina Fey. Take a moment to process that. I do wear glasses if that helps legitimize the concept. And I am already fairly foul-mouthed. I have enough positive female role models from last night to last me at least a week.

Painefull Out

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