Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Word of the Week

The word of the week comes thanks to a T-shirt sighted on the day that Lindsay Lohan began her jail sentence. It bore the word ‘Linnocent’. Now seeing as that’s a new word, I feel it holds room for definition.

Linnocent – to be guilty and deserving of punishment while remaining convinced you are being wrongfully persecuted. Example: “OJ Simpson was Linnocent.”

This opens a large door out onto a world of possibilities. Celebrities as definitions.

– to steal the limelight of a stunned person with a meaningless protest. Example: “Taylor never saw the Krashye coming.”

(as in, ‘to have a Sheen’) – to have a seemingly indestructible career, no matter what one does. Example: “He had such a great Sheen, even threatening his wife with a knife didn’t stop him getting a pay rise.”

I am certainly not going to pretend to be linnocent when it comes to the creation of words myself. Neither is Sarah Palin (just another thing, on top of moose-hunting and creationism, that the former governor and I have in common). Sarah Palin’s life is so full of up’s and down’s it’s practically Shakespearean, which is why she likened herself to the bard. There’s no point refudiating that fact (there’s a twitter account called Shakespalin now, so it must be true).

Just for your reference…

– reject an idea or premise. Example: “It’s hard to refudiate that she sees Russia from her house, when she can’t help but wonder if it’s true.”

Painefull Out

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  1. may the lustre of your 'sheen' never tarnish... lol. love it!